Manuals, Service Notes, Brochures, and Data Sheets

The historic rollout of Hewlett-Packard equipment is detailed below, along with our archive of equipment manuals, service notes, data sheets, brochures, and any available collector references. The dates below mark the first and last year of appearance for an item in printed catalogs, or price lists. Models prefixed by an “*” character use waveguide or band designations (i.e. “*281A” waveguide launch is/was available in S281A, G281A, through P281A), and “#” represents suffixes (often for dB attenuation or coupling).

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Sorry, but the dates column are current only through the 1955 catalog… Please volunteer to give us a hand! There are other versions of this kind of table published, but all lack the date ranges critical to collectors. There are some old HP manuals available at BAMA and their mirror site, as well as not-so-vintage manuals from Agilent in their Technical Support section, or at the Agilent FTP account that holds manuals not yet posted …

Model NumberFirst YearLast  Year DescriptionManual Link or Other Link
2 and 3 digit Models  4 and 5 digit Models are below 
none19721972Barney Oliver Stereo Amplifier (Photograph of S/N 230)Internal Memo
100A19411948Secondary Freq Standard 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 100HzManual
100B19411948Same as 100A, adds temp controlled crystalManual
100C19501952Freq Standard 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 100HzManual-sn-57
100D1950 Freq Standard 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz, 100Hz, 10HzManual-sn-142
100E  Freq Standard 
11019481948Frequency Divider output 100 to 10 Hz 
120A-AR  Oscilloscope 200kHz BWManual s/n prefix 051
120B  Oscilloscope 450kHz BWManual
122A-AR  Oscilloscope 200kHz BW dual traces/n<100 Manual
130A  Oscilloscope 300kHz BWManual 1956-ed.
130B-BR  Oscilloscope 300kHz BWManual s/n prefix 201
Manual s/n prefix 521 
Manual s/n prefix 946
130C  Oscilloscope 500kHz BWManual s/n prefix 644
140A  OscilloscopeManual s/n prefix 326 , Brochure
141A  OscilloscopeManual
143A  Wide screen oscilloscopeManual s/n prefix 925
150-1000  AC/DC Preamp ChopperManual
150-1100  Carrier PreampManual
150-1300  DC CouplerManual
150-1500  Low Level Preamp ChopperManual
150-1800  Sanborn Division Stabilized DC Pre-AmplifierManual
150-2000  Sanborn Division Dual Channel DC AmplifierManual
150A-AR  Oscilloscope 10MHz BWManual-SN-40
162B  Oscilloscope plug-in dual trace amplifierManual
166D  Delay Generator Plug-in for OscilloscopeManual
175A  OscilloscopeManual SN344-x
Manual SN235-x
Service_Notes 175A
180A  OscilloscopeBrochure
181T-TR  Oscilloscope 5 MHzManual SN1503A-1531A
183A/B  OscilloscopeBrochure
184A-B  Oscilloscope with plug-insManual SN1316A
185A  Oscilloscope, 500 MHz SamplingBrochure
185B  Oscilloscope, 1000 MHz SamplingManual
187B  Dual trace vertical amplifier for the model 185A/B oscilloscopesManual
196A  Oscilloscope CameraManual
2S  XY recorder (Moseley Division)Manual
200A19411952Audio Gen 35Hz to 35kHz, 1W/500 OhmsManual-1951Manual-1961
   Terman and Hewlett’s October 1939 oscillator article in the IRE (now IEEE) ProceedingsOct-1939-IRE
200AB1955 Audio Gen 20Hz to 40kHz, 1W/24.5VManual s/n>7725Manual s/n prefix 008
200B19411952Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHz, 1W/500 OhmsManual
Brochure (1941)
200C19411952Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHz, 10V/1000 OhmsManual-sn-above 50000
200CD1955 Audio Gen 5Hz to 600kHz, 160mW or 20V o/cManual-sn-605
200D19411952Audio Gen 2Hz to 70kHzManual Circa 1950
200H19501952Audio Gen 60Hz to 600kHzManual-sn-438
200i1945 Audio Gen 6Hz to 6kHzManual
200S  Signal Gen 5 Hz to 600 kHz in 5 rangesManual SN-001-103-129-229-332
200T1955 Audio Gen 250Hz to 100kHz, 160mW or 20V o/cManual-sn-200T
201B1945 Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHz, 3W/42V/600 Ohms, 1% DistortionManual-sn-768
201C  Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHzManual
202A1952 Audio Gen 0.01Hz to 1kHzManual s/n above 5612
Manual s/n prefix 037
202B1948 Audio Gen 0.5Hz to 1kHz, 10V/1000 OhmsManual-sn-1647
Service Note 202B-1
202D19481952Audio Gen 2Hz to 70kHzManual-sn-81053
203A   Variable Phase Function Gen 60kHzManual-sn-425
204A19501952Audio Gen 2Hz to 20kHz, portable battery operationManual-sn-186
204B  Audio Gen 5Hz to 560kHzManual sn-416
205A19411952Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHz, 5W, output meter and attenuatorManual-sn-953
205AG1941 Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHz, 5W, output meter, attenuator, gain setManual-sn-953
205AH19451952Audio Gen 1kHz to 100kHzManual-sn-223
206A1948 Audio Gen 20Hz to 20kHz, output meter and attenuatorManual
207A  Audio Sweep Oscillator 20Hz to 20kHzManual
209A  Sine/Square Oscillator 4Hz to 2MHzManual-sn-818
210A19411952Square Wave Gen 20Hz-10kHzManual-sn-1112
211A1955 Square Wave Gen 1Hz-1MHzManualService Note 211A-1A
211B  Square Wave Gen 1Hz-10MHzManual
212A1950 Pulse Gen 70ns to 10us pulses, rep rate 5kHzManual
230A19521952Carrier Test Oscillator 35Hz to 35kHz 
233A1952 Carrier Test Oscillator 50Hz to 500kHzManual-snprefix-003
234A19521952Carrier Test Oscillator 160Hz to 160kHz 
240A  Sweep signal generator 4.5 to 120MHz (Boonton)Manual
*281A1952 Adaptors, Waveguide to Coax *=Band 
*290A1952 Adaptors, Cover to Choke Flange *=Band 
297A  Sweep Drive (motorized)Manual
300A1941 Harmonic Wave Analyzer 0-16kHzManual
320A19411952Distortion Analyzer 400Hz-5kHzBrochure
320B19411952Distortion Analyzer (50Hz to 7.5kHz in 6 frequencies) 
325B19411948Distortion Analyzer (30Hz to 15kHz in 9 frequencies) 
330B1945 Distortion Analyzer (20Hz to 20kHz)Service Note 330B-3E
330C1948 Distortion Analyzer (20Hz to 20kHz) VU meter 
330D1950 Same as 330C with AM detector 
335B1948 FM broadcast monitor 88-108MHzManual
335C19501952TV broadcast monitor 60-88MHzManual
335D19501950TV broadcast monitor 180-216MHzManual
335E1955 TV broadcast monitor channels 2 to 83Manual
336C19521952TV broadcast monitor 60-216MHz 
350A1945 Attenuator: 1 to 110 dB, 100kHz, 500 Ohm 
350B1948 Attenuator: 1 to 110 dB, 100kHz, 600 Ohm 
350C  Attenuator: 1 to 110 dB, 1MHz, 500 OhmManual
350D  Attenuator: 1 to 110 dB, 1MHz, 600 OhmManual
360A1950 Low pass filter 700 MHz 
360B1950 Low pass filter 1.2GHz 
360C1950 Low pass filter 2.2GHz 
360D1950 Low pass filter 4.1GHz 
*370#1952 Attenuators, Fixed *=Band, #B=6dB, #C=10dB, #D=20dB, #E=30dB 
*375#1952 Attenuator Variable Flap, 25dB max *=Band, #B=6dB, #C=10dB, #D=20dB, #E=30dB 
*380#1952 Calibrated attenuators *=Band, #B=6dB, #C=10dB, #D=20dB, #E=30dB 
*382A  Waveguide variable attenuatorService Note 382A-1A
AC-4A  Decade CounterManual
AC-4B  Decade Counter 200 kHzManual
400A19411952VTVM 30mV to 300V, 10Hz to 1MHzManual s/n prefix 8504
400AB1955 VTVM 10Hz-600kHz, 3mV-300V in 11 rangesManual s/n prefix 482
400B19501952Low Frequency VTVM, 2hz to 100kHzManual s/n prefix 8938
400C19501952Wide range VTVM 20Hz to 2MHzManual
400D1955 Wide range VTVM 10Hz to 4MHzService Note 400D-2CService Note 400D-4B
403A  AC VoltmeterManual
403B  AC VoltmeterManual s/n prefix 0986A
404A19501952VTVM portableManual s/n prefix 462
405C & CR  Digital VoltmeterManual
410A19451950VTVM 20Hz to 700MHzManual
410B1952 VTVM 20Hz to 700MHzManual s/n prefix 024
410C  VTVMMilitary Manual
Safety Note 410C-14A-S
411A  RF MilivoltmeterManual-Scan-1
412A  VTVMManual-ArmyManual s/n prefix 004

 Manual s/n prefix 134

Service Note 412A-2A

Service Note 412A-4

Service Note 412A-5

Service Note 412A-6

Service Note 412A-7

Service Note 412A-8

412AR  VTVMManualService Note 412AR-2
415A19501952Standing wave indicator (for slotted line)Manual s/n prefix 2852
415B1955 Standing wave indicator (for slotted line)Manual
416A1955 Ratio Meter 
417A1950 VHF detector 10MHz to 500MHzManual
420A1955 Crystal Detector Type N 
425A  Microvolt AmmeterBrochure
427A  AC VoltmeterManual s/n prefix 947
428B  Clip-on DC milliamp meterManual s/n prefix 131
Manual s/n prefix 995
430A19501950Bolometer power meterManual
430B19521952Microwave Power MeterManual s/n prefix 461
430C1955 Microwave Power Meter 
431B  Microwave Power MeterManual s/n prefix 233
440A1952 Detector Mount Type N 
442B1952 Type N broad band probe (for slotted carriage) 
444A1952 Type N broad band probe un-tuned (for slotted carriage) 
450A1948 Amplifier 10Hz to 1MHz, 20/40dB gainManual s/n prefix 010
451A19521952Bridging amplifier 20Hz to 1MHz 
452A1950 Capacitive Voltage Divider 1000:1Manual
452-95A1952 Adapter for 452A to 410B-VTVM 
453A1950 Capacitive Voltage Divider 100:1 (410A) 
454A1950 Capacitive Voltage Divider 100:1 (400C) 
455A1948 50 Ohm Type N adapter for 410A (bridge) 
456A  AC Current Probe 25Hz to 20MHzManual s/n prefix 103
458A1948 50 Ohm Type N adapter for 410A (terminating) 
459A1950 Resistive Voltage Multiplier 100:1 (410A) 
460AR1950 Amplifier 3kHz to 140MHz, 20dBManual s/n prefix 046
Manual s/n prefix 1996
460B/BR1952 High output 460AManual
470A-F1950 Current Shunt for 400A,B, or C VTVM 
475A19501950Bolometer mount 300MHz to 1GHz 
475B1950 Bolometer mount 1GHz to 4GHzManual s/n prefix 11
476A1952 Universal Bolometer mount 10 MHz to 1GHz 
477A1955 Coaxial Thermister Mount 
*4851952 Detector Mount  *=Band 
490A1955 TWT Amplifier 2-4GHz, 10mW 
491A1955 TWT Amplifier 2-4GHz, 1W 
492A  TWT Amplifier 4-8GHZ 20mWManual s/n prefix 010
494A  TWT Amplifier 7-12.4GHZ 20mWManual s/n prefix 010
500A19421952Direct Reading Frequency Meter 10Hz to 50kHzManual sn prefix 2589
Manual s/n prefix 2315
500B1955 Frequency Meter 1Hz to 100kHzManual
500C1955 Tachometer Frequency Meter 60RPM-6,000,000RPMManual
505A19451952Tachometer Frequency Meter 300RPM-3,000,000RPM  (calibration / scale variant of HP 500A)Manual s/n prefix 2589
505B19451952Tachometer Frequency Meter 50Hz to 50kHz (calibration / scale variant of HP 500A)Manual s/n prefix 2589
506A1955 Optical Tachometer pickup 
508A1955 Tachometer Generator 15-40,000 RPM with 60 cycles per revolutionData Sheet
508B1955 Tachometer Generator 15-40,000 RPM with 100 cycles per revolutionData Sheet
508C/D  Tachometer GeneratorData Sheet
510A19521952Mixer for 500A 
512A1955 Pre-Scaler Extends Range of 524A Counter to 220 MHz (Hi sens 50 Ohm) 
512B1955 Pre-Scaler Extends Range of 524A Counter to 220 MHz (140mV input) 
520A1952 Nuclear pre-scaler 10 MHz, 100:1 
521A1955 Frequency Counter 1Hz to 120kHz 
522A19521952Same as 522B but with only 1 second gate time 
522B1952 Electronic Counter 10Hz to 100kHz 
523B  Electronic CounterManual s/n prefix 894
523DR  Electronic CounterService Note 523DR-2Service Note 523DR-3A
524A19521952Frequency Counter 0.01Hz to 10MHz 
524B1955 Frequency Counter 0.01Hz to 10MHz 
525A1955 Frequency Converter Extends 524B’s Range to 100 MHz 
525B1955 Frequency Converter Extends 524B’s Range to 220 MHz 
526A1955 Video Amplifier (Can be used with 524B to increase sensitivity) 
526B1955 Time Interval Unit, 1us to 100 daysManual s/n prefix 024
*530A1952 Frequency Meters, Reaction *=Band 
540A  Transfer Oscillator 100 to 220 MHzManual
561B  Digital RecorderManual s/n prefix 334
562A  Digital RecorderManual s/n prefix 134
606A  RF Signal Generator 50 kHz to 75 MHzManual
608A19501952RF Sig Gen 10MHz to 500MHz 
608A-16D19521952Tuned output cables for 608A 
608B19521952RF Sig Gen 10MHz to 400MHz 
608C1955 RF Sig Gen 10MHz to 480MHz 
608D1955 RF Sig Gen 10MHz to 420MHzManual
608E  RF Sig Gen 10MHz to 480MHzManual
608F  RF Sig Gen 10MHz to 455MHzManual
610A19481948RF Sig Gen 500MHz to 1.35GHz 
610B19501950RF Sig Gen 450MHz to 1.2GHz 
612A1952 RF Sig Gen 450MHz to 2.1GHz 
614A1950 RF Sig Gen 800MHz to 2.1GHzService Manual
616A1948 RF Sig Gen 1.8GHz to 4GHz 
618B1952 RF Sig Gen 3.8GHz to 7.6GHzManual
620A1955 RF Sig Gen 7GHz to 11GHz 
623B1952 RF Sig Gen 5.9GHz to 7.7GHz 
624B19521952RF Sig Gen 8.5GHz to 10GHz 
624C1955 RF Sig Gen 8.5GHz to 10GHz 
650A1948 RF Sig Gen 10Hz to 10MHz, 600 Ohms, VTVM and attenuatorManual (1956) service
Manual s/n prefix 6148
651B  Model 651B Test Oscillator, Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 10 MHz, 6 bandsManual-s/n prefix 647
670HM1955 RF Sig Gen Swept 7-10GHz 
683C  RF Sig Gen Swept 2-4 GHzManual
686A  RF Sig Gen Swept 8.2 to 12.4 GHzManual
686C  RF Sig Gen Swept 8.2 to 12.4 GHzManual
691A  Sweep Oscillator 1GHz to 2GHzManual
692A  Sweep Oscillator 2GHz to 4GHzManual
693A  Sweep Oscillator 4GHz to 8GHzManual
694A  Sweep Oscillator 8GHz to 12.4GHzManual
710A19451952Power Supply 180-360V, 75mA, and 6.3 volts AC, center-tapped 
710B1952 Power Supply 100-360V, 75mA, and 6.3 volts AC, center-tappedManual
711A1955 Power Supply 0-500V, 100mAManual s/n prefix 102
Manual s/n prefix 002
712A19501952Power Supply 0-500V, 200mA and 0-150V,5mA and 6.3VAC/10A 
712B1955 Power Supply 0-500V, 200mA and 0-150V,5mA and 6.3VAC/10AManual s/n prefix 002
Manual s/n prefix 511
715A1952 Klystron Power Supply 250-400V, 50mA 
717A1955 Power Supply 800-1000V, 25mA Powers Type 5721 Klystrons 
721A  Power Supply 30V, 150mAManual
722A  Power Supply 0-60V, 2AManual s/n prefix 105
738A/AR  Voltmeter CalibratorManual
739A  Frequency Response Test Set, 5 Hz to 10 MHzManual-Early
Manual s/n prefix 010
*750#1952 Dir. Couplers, Cross Guide *=Band, #C=10dB, #D=20dB, #E=30dB coupling 
*752#1952 Dir. Couplers, Multi Hole *=Band, #C=10dB, #D=20dB, #E=30dB coupling 
777D  Dual Directional Coupler  1900 to 4000 MHzManual
803A1950 VHF Bridge 50MHz to 500MHzManual
805A1950 Slotted line 500MHz to 4GHz type-N 
805B1950 Slotted line 500MHz to 4GHz for 7/8 hardline 
806B1952 Slotted line 3GHz to 12GHz type-N 
809B1952 Universal probe carriage 
851B  Spectrum Analyzer Display SectionManual SNP 526
*810A1952 Slotted Sections, Waveguide, will fit 809B carriage *=Band 
*810B1952 Slotted Sections, Waveguide, has built-in carriage *=Band 
*840A1952 Waveguide Tees, Series *=Band 
*841A1952 Waveguide Tees, Shunt  *=Band 
*845A1952 Waveguide Tees, Hybrid *=Band 
*870A1952 Transformers, Slide Screw *=Band 
*880A1952 Transformers, Slide E-H *=Band 
*885A  Waveguide Phase ShiftersCalibration Service Note 885A-1
890A  Power Supply 0-320V, 0.6 Amps (Harris Division)Manual
*910A1952 Terminations, low Power *=Band 
*912A1952 Terminations, High Power *=Band 
*914A1952 Moving Load *=Band 
*920A1952 Adjustable Shorts *=Band 
K05-5060A  K05-5060A Phase detector / comparatorManual S/N S-7418
   FOUR and FIVE Digit Models 
10811A/B  Quartz Crystal OscillatorOp and Service Manual
11096A  HF ProbeManual
11153A  True RMS Converter for Model 3484A Multifunction UnitManual
11180A  The data storage option for the HP Model 3480A/B Multifunction Digital VoltmeterManual
11664A  Detector: RF signal levels from -50 to +10 dBm, 10 MHz to 18 GHzManual
11729C  Carrier Noise Test SetOps-Service
11848A  Phase Noise InterfaceService-1st-Edition
12799A  16-Bit Relay Register plug in for 2570A Coupler ControllerSpec Sheet
1331A  X-Y Display Storage CRTManual
1415A  Time Domain Reflectometer for 140AManual
1430C  Sampler DC to 18 GHzManual
1707A  OscilloscopeManual
1707B  OscilloscopeManual
1728A  Display ScannerManual
1744A  OscilloscopeManual
1750A  Dual Trace Vertical AmplifierManual
1784B  Delay Generator: Provides the model 175A Oscilloscope with delayed sweepManual s/n prefix 415
17950A  XY Trace GeneratorManual
1805A  Dual Channel Vertical Amplifier for HP 180-series oscilloscope mainframesManual
2508ADymec branded digital clockManual
3047A and
  Phase Noise Measurement System (also see HP 11729C, 11848A and 35601A system components)
NOTE: is a copy of the RMB software that’s been repackaged for use with the
Transera HTBasic emulator. The existing 3048A software zipfile is an archive of the original disk images.

 There is also a patched software version HERE for the HP859xE series



3320A/B  Frequency Synthesizer 0.001 Hz to 12.9999 MHzManual
3450A  Multifunction DMM Troubleshooting Guide and ModificationsTroubleshooting
3465A  Digital MultimeterManual s/n prefix 1546
3470  Measurement SystemManual
3476B  Digital MultimeterManual Ops And Service
3484A  Multifunction UnitManual
35601A  Spectrum Analyzer InterfaceOps-Service
35676  35676-66301 “50 Ohm Signal Divider” for 3577A Network AnalyzerSchematic
Internal Photo
3577A  Procedure for repairing the cursor knob assembly, submitted by Paul Grohe3577A-Knob-Repair
3720A  Spectrum Analyzer Display UnitService Manual
3780A  Pattern generator and error detectorManual
3960  3960 Series Instrumentation Tape RecorderManual
5480A  Signal Analyzer with plug-insManual
5501B  Laser Head (Op and Service manual edited by Jack Hudler)Op_and_Service_Manual
J06-59992A  Time Interval CalibratorManual
6101A  DC Power Supply 0-20V / 1A (Manual Recreated by Fons Janssen )Manual
6200B  DC Power Supply (Harris Division)Scheamtic
6236A  Triple Output Power Supply Dual 0-20V and 6VManual s/n prefix 1507A
6237A  Triple Output Power Supply Dual 0-20V and 18VManual s/n prefix 1507A
63005C  Power Supply 5V 22AManual
63315D  Power Supply 5V/18A, and +/- 11 to 16V at 2 AmpsManual
6443  DC Power SupplyManual
6920B  Meter CalibratorManual_Manufacturing_Code_A
6960A  Power Supply 0-36V/300 mAManual s/n prefix G604
7414A  Thermal Tip Chart recorderManual s/n prefix 1145A
78100A  Telemetry SystemManual
78101A  Telemetry SystemManual
8552B  8552B Spectrum Analyzer RF SectionManual
8554B  8554B Spectrum Analyzer RF Section, 0-1250 MHzManual s/n prefix 1245A
8571A  Digital Signal Generator Operating and Service ManualManual
86290B  RF Plug-In 2.0-18.6 GHzManual
8753A  Network AnalyzerService-Manual
8746B  S-Parameter Test Set 0.5-12.4 GHzManual s/n prefix 1114A
8754A  Network Analyzer 4MHz-1300MHzManual