Have you found this site useful? Did you enjoy it? Do you love vintage HP gear? Was it handy finding on-line materials? Are you a collector who would like to meet other HP collectors? Do you have old materials? Then think about being a volunteer “on-line curator” for us…

What can you do ? Become a Museum Curator !

This site is a “labor of love”! But it can’t all be done by one person. Please joint us as a on-line museum curator, by donating your time, vintage materials and advice. The site’s founder (Glenn Robb) will use his time and money to host these documents, and convert them to compact searchable PDFs using Adobe Capture. All we need are folks willing to loan us their vintage hard copies, or better yet, scan and email your materials.

Please email Glenn with your comments, and let us know what you would like to see. We would love to hear from you, and we always need volunteers.

You can send email to glenn (at) antennatestlab d*o*t c-o-m