This section of HP Parts and component data is separated into two sections. First are “Service Parts” intended for service and repair of HP Instruments, and second is “OEM Parts” which are components or assemblies intended for sale to other original equipment manufacturers (and labs, ect.). Sources for HP parts will also be added below as they are found.



Hewlett-Packard Service Parts and Price Lists …

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1973-4 [174 pages] Service Information: Price List Replacement Parts and Supplies 1973-1974, contains lots of HP part number cross reference information
IC-Cross Here is a collection of IC and transistor cross-references of unknown origin, pulled from and posted with permission from Bruce Lane

Hewlett-Packard OEM Components, Parts and Price Lists …

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1971 [4 pages] The 1971 OEM Component Price List
1972 [8 pages] HP Components Diodes Transistors [mainly RF components]
1973-74 [28 pages] HP Components For Control and Conversion of RF and Microwave Signals [features components and OEM RF subassemblies]
HDSP-24xx LED Display Data sheet for HDSP-2416, 2424, 2432, 2440, 2470, 2471, and 2472 [Sept 1978]
HDSP-87xx LED Display Data sheet for HDSP-8716, 8724, 8732, and 8740 [Nov 1979]
HDSP-650x LED Display Data sheet for HDSP-6504, and 6508 [Dec 1977]
HDSP-2010 LED Display Data sheet for HDSP-2010 [Mar 1980]
HDSP-6300 LED Display Data sheet for HDSP-6300 [Jun 1979]
5082-710x Alphanumeric Displays 5082-7100 and 5082-7102 [Jun 1970]

Hewlett-Packard Parts Sources …

One source that has come to light is Walter Shawlee’s Sphere Research.