HP Archive’s Purpose

This site is dedicated to collectors and “curators” of vintage Hewlett-Packard equipmentcatalogsHP Journals and other periodicals.  We are web-publishing some of the oldest HP literature to serve as a complete on-line reference source. Even though many of these early publications are very rare, this website will make them available to HP fans! Right now, you will find catalogsprice listsparts listsadvertising items, and with the help of volunteers like yourself, we will have more Bench Briefs, early product manuals, and service notes… all on-line and text searchable. Please check out the Volunteer link if you would like to contribute time or materials as an “Online Curator”… it’s easy and fun.

Site News

This website is being migrated to WordPress from it’s original (and now very obsolete “Microsoft FrontPage” origins). Please bear with us … thanks!

Eye Candy … “Wallpaper Photos” Photography by Jeff Peletz

Thanks to Jeff Peletz for this latest contribution … a beautiful collection of original photographs of many vintage HP pieces. Enjoy the new page here.

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