This page lets you know who to thank !!! We need you to volunteer too -PLEASE-

Glenn Robb: (Site Webmaster):

My “day job” RF and Antenna testing business and laboratory, Antenna Test Lab Co, at

Kenneth Kuhn:

Professor Kenneth A. Kuhn is our favorite hard-core collector, his site has some great pictures of a fine collection, as well as lots of fascinating research links. Professor Kuhn’s site is a MUST SEE…

Marc Mislanghe:

You have to visit the late Marc Mislanghe’s HP site…  … it is a work of art… his pièce de résistance ! And sadly, his final memory.

Valued Contributors, in Alphabetical Order…

Eric Bruyns (ON1AAG):

Who has submitted several manuals.

Joe Geller:

Who submitted the 200D manual. His homepage is HERE  …

Tony Gerbic:

Who has scanned many old HP manuals for us.

Henry Hall:

Who donated his collection of BRC The Notebook(s).

Julian Harris (“Butch” WA4WKL):

Who donated a collection of HP Journals from 1949 through 1978. Many are addressed to him personally. Thanks Butch!

Jack Hudler:

Who donated laser manuals, in which he personally corrected errors and added new photographs.!

Hans Kulk:

Who donated several hardcopy manuals, and mailed them from the Netherlands!

Ed Loewenstein:

Who has scanned many old HP Journals for us.

John Miles:

Who scanned many of the HP Journals on this site.

James Moorer:

Who scanned most of the Boonton Radio Corporation material on this site.

Hal Smith:

For scanning several vintage oscillator manuals.