Links to Jeff Peletz’s Wallpaper Equipment Photographs

We are proud to host this photographic tribute to Hewlett Packard’s vintage test equipment. These works of art are truly a feast for the eyes. Thanks to Jeff Peletz for all of his dedication and hard work.

About Jeff Peletz

As a freelance photographer and life long electronics enthusiast, I was inspired to put this collection of images together because of the general lacking state of quality color photography of these classic units which I consider genuine industrial works of art. In some cases, the units are owned and photographed directly by myself and in many other instances, with the aid of Photoshop, I literately assemble the unit out of individual pictures of knobs, switches, meters, lamps and even screws and then render them together, often painting many parts of the image by hand, (in Photoshop), and create an image of a unit where none existed before and I make use of the numerous online manuals on HP Archive to find line drawings to use as my template to render the final images that you see here. Many of these images take anywhere from several hours to several days to put together and this is very much a labor of love for me to create them and share them with the community of Hewlett Packard Lab Gear collectors and enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy them.

All of Jeff’s images below are “click to enlarge” and will take you right to the full sized image. You can right-click in your browser and save the image locally on your computer. All images are free to use for non-commercial purposes. Images are (c) Jeff Peletz.