Photographs From Sheldon Sterling, Son of Sy Sterling

During the 1950’s and 1960, Hewlett-Packard retained regional sales representatives. One of those companies was the S. Sterling Company which served the Detroit area, founded and run by “Sy Sterling”. Here is a commemorative brochure published by the Sterling company around 1966 commemorating 20 years in business. His company was know for creating customized instrument solutions for customers, often combining many test instruments in to a rack/desk system.

The S. Sterling Company is still in operation (website) as a manufacturer’s representative, and is run by Sy’s son Sheldon. Sheldon Sterling was kind enough to loan HPArchive some of his father’s old photos, and they are available below …


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Sales meeting, Detroit Michigan, 2-6-1959
For the Ford Motor Company, “Ford Aluminum Corrosion Tester”