HP 200B Serial Number 187

There are many people who have taken the time to collect, archive, and promote vintage HP equipment. The links below are a few of our favorites..

Personal HP Websites... 

Our favorite hard-core collector, his site has some great pictures of a fine collection, as well as lots of fascinating research links. Professor Kuhn's site is a MUST SEE...  http://www.kennethkuhn.com/hpmuseum/

 The late Marc Mislanghe has the best amateur HP website you will ever see... http://www.hpmemoryproject.org  ... loaded with lots of beautiful graphical content, and backed up by tons of useful data... this is the bench mark for all HP sites !

Jon Johnston has a fantastic HP Computer/Calculator museum at http://www.hpmuseum.net

Tom Van Baak has a great collection of HP timekeeping equipment, and plenty of links for those of you with an interest in time... go to  Leapsecond.com

Anna Mancini is the real HP archivist, and she is the keeper of HP's history. Some photos HERE , and she is in some HP Garage tour videos on the Video Page

Great historical documentation by John Minck: Six Decades and his revised HP History Narrative

Chuck House's HP/Agilent blog

Benjamin Sheena has published all issues of the "General Radio Experimenter", which spans all issues from the 1920's through the 1970's


Agilent / HP Links... 

HP's official history page ... http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/abouthp/histnfacts/

Agilent's source of obsolete manuals click here

An Agilent FTP account that holds manuals not yet posted can be found at  ftp://ftp.agilent.com/pub/manuals/


HP Alumni Association Links... 

HP Alumni Association www.hpalumni.org

HP Alumni Association Book List www.hpalumni.org/books

HP Way and HP Corporate Objectives www.hpalumni.org/hp_way

Directory of HP history links www.hpalumni.org/hp_history


"HP Memories" Personal HP Stories Compiled on Marc Mislanghe's Website... 

The late Marc Mislanghe has buildt a great collection of short memoirs by early HP-ers. They tell the fascinating story of how HP's people worked together building the world's greatest technology company. Marc has them collected together on his fine website, and has greatly enhanced them with his own references and illustrations. Many thanks are owed to Marc and the "old timers" who have taken the time to tell us their stories... please see ... Marc's "Memoirs of Hewlett-Packard People" homepage.


HP Calculator Websites... 

A lot of HP collectors specialize in calculators...  http://www.hpmuseum.com/


Other Vintage Equipment Websites... 

General Radio was well established when HP was founded, and a tough competitor. Here is a great General Radio Historical Site, and the webmasters have large amounts of material available on CD, including catalogs and the "General Radio Experimenter" Magazine.

Radio Museum : This Swiss site is building an archive of schematics for old radios and test equipment. The site is in German and English with over 100,000 documents.


HP Books... 

An Alabama Boy and the Birth of Silicon Valley: The Autobiography of Ernest Jerry Collins” (available through Amazon).


Useful Tools and Other Websites... 

Some inside-the-HP-garage photos ... HERE , HERE, and HERE

An HP parts source  Walter Shawlee's Sphere Research.